what’s shaking at wordshop?

well, funny you ask, because we just took some snap shots of our latest in store faves. looks like it’s gonna be a little blustery this weekend (though in denver one never can tell), so why don’t you stick your head in and say hello? we’d be happy to give you the full tour. but for now, check out these goodies:

good text doesnt have to be on paper. that’s all were sayin’.

push up your sweater sleeves and look smashing for fall with these indian oak bracelets, $15.

one of a kind leather lovelies. earrings from burkina faso west africa. $24

not that we’ve forgotten our paper:

oh vera, seriosly? what doesn’t vera wang do with flair? fanciful correspondence; these boxed notes are printed on all cotton paper.

we go together cards. how about some every-day, no-reason, kinda-love? letterpress cards from our friends at sapling press.

see you soon!