chittin the chat : rifle paper co.

hand illustrated flower alphabet garland
we love the products we carry in the store and more times than not, we love the people who make them even more. this week, we chitted the chat with the people behind Rifle Paper Co., the beloved hand illustrated stationery brand. here’s what they had to say about themselves and their culture.

1. where did the name rifle come from?
Rifle Paper Co. just kind of came to be. There isn’t a deep meaning or long story behind it all. We like to think of the dog’s name, who is part of our logo, as being Rifle!

2. have you always been style trailblazers? trend forecasters? or complete non-conformists?
Haha, maybe all of the above?

hand illustrated printed iphone cases rifle paper company pink ombre foil stamp script typography jaguar print gold stripes

3. are you flattered or twitchy that there are more and more, shall we say “lines that are inspired by your folk-flora aesthetic’?

We try not to pay too much attention to that. We just focus on what we are designing and making sure we are being the best we can be. :)

4. what was your last life, pre-rifle?
Before Rifle Anna worked at a magazine company, and spent some of her free time designing music posters for the band Nathan was in.

hand illustrated crafted paper greetings blue card the world is your oyster wedding card happily ever after watercolor flowers journal black pages hand illustrated floral notepad to do list

6. what is your favorite dessert?
That’s a hard one! We’ve got a lot of great little bakeries in our area that we frequent often. Our favorite may be a macaroon place just up the street. When someone brings in a box of those, they don’t last long!

7. favorite song from the 80’s?

Somehow we end up listening to Toto a lot at work, so we’ll say our favorite 80’s song of theirs is “Africa”.come by the shop to see all new pretties from rifle and the new phone cases that will be arriving to our shop in march. thank you rifle for hanging with us!

sapling press and wordshop go together like…

We just got a bundle of new goodies in from Sapling Press and they make for the perfect i love you, just because, you’re my best friend, thank you, you’re a nice mom/dad, we make a good team card.

In celebration of these new beauties, we interviewed Lisa, the mastermind behind these beauties at Sapling Press.

W: if you could letterpress anything what would it be, beside paper? an arm, a tree, a wall?

SP: probably my computer and i’d have it say “walk away from me and go print.”

W: what do you miss most about  the lo-fi days? rotary phones? typewriters? payphone? dropping off your film to walgreens?

SP: 2. boomboxes and the art of making the perfect mix tape

W: who’s your favorite stationery store, nah, we are just kidding you don’t have to answer that one, we already know the answer!

SP: no doubt!

Thanks again to Lisa at Sapling Press for her time in dong this small and sweet interview. Come by the shop to see more of her humorous-too-hot-to-handle notes.

vendor interview: mr. boddington’s studio

Nestled in a small unique cranny of the busy and ever-bustling New York City resides a small print studio known as Mr. Boddington’s studio. There is no real Mr. Boddington’s, only a character whom rather embodies all the characteristics of the individuals in the shop making a full, real portrait. At Wordshop, we have been long in love with the work of this print shop and with the warm welcoming of their new work into the shop we thought it a good time to call up the big sir and ask a few questions.

WS: this mr. boddington, is still a bit of a mystery to us. is he a manhattan resident? upper east side or lower east side?

Mr. Boddington’s Studio (MBS): Mr. Boddington is not a New York resident, actually. He was born in Great Britain and takes no particular place as his permanent residence. He travels the world home-hopping from yachts in the Bay of Bengal, castles in the countryside, treetop huts in the jungle, you name it. He is too attached to adventure to settle into one home. (Although he does visit New York City often where he entertains friends in a beautiful ivy-covered brick brownstone with a private garden terrace in the West Village).

WS: what’s his design sensibility? (translated into greeting cards of course)

MBS: Polished and quirky.

WS: what’s the best part pf the biz? the ascot? the witty profile? the smart papers?

MBS: Maintaining a sense of humor. We do this with Mr. Boddington as our muse and guide and it carries over into both our design and the overall vibe and camaraderie here in the studio.

Thank you so much to Mr. Boddington and his loyal greeting card creators workly humbly and beautifully in New York. Check out their work and blog here and escape into their world of whimsy.


bitter & sweet.

we love funny, slightly offensive and sometimes downright raunchy greeting cards. but not everyone is up to the option of handing over something of that demeanor or does not have that other person who will quite understand what is happening. this is why we love a sweet little card company known as McBitterson’s cards oh so much. each card is packed with fun and witty punch but is also has a sweet side nestled in somewhere to sooth over any confusion.

with many of their cards arriving to the shop this week, we popped some questions over to McBitterson’s founder, Jenny Piette, to see what she might have to say about her work, whether we’ll see more crackers in the upcoming year and where she pulls her inspiration from.

WS: How did you get your tagline “Cute, Sometimes Cranky Letterpress Cards”? Are you cute and sometimes cranky? or do you have a cat/dog that is cute and cranky?

McBitterson’s (MB): Yeah, I guess I’m kind of cute, but cranky. I think a lot of the cards are an extension of my personality, and some of the sayings have come from my everyday life. I find myself giving more backhanded compliments than I mean to. Whoops! So I’ve decided to just run with that. My favorite cards are the ones that hint at something negative, but aim earnestly toward something positive. And if it can make someone smile and brighten their day a bit, that makes me feel good.

WS: One of our favorite cards is your simple but funny “cracker” card. Will we be seeing an expansion of this? Maybe cracker jack? crack is wack? crack ass?

MB: We are going to do a Merry Christmas Cracker card coming up this fall and maybe some more cracker-themed cards in the future.

WS: What inspires your style?

MB: Some of our cards can get a bit naughty, so a simple design that feels kind of matter of fact and dry, almost like a diagram, adds to the silliness of what the cards are saying. For the artwork, I’ve started looking at 50’s and 60’s line drawings, like Ben Shahn and Warhol’s commercial illustrations, which tend to be in black ink with splashes of color. They used a lot of patterns that feel visually flat and lend themselves to working with patterns in Illustrator.

Thanks for chatting with us Jenny! Take a look at what else this brilliant card maker has to offer in our shop or visit McBitterson’s site and let us know what you’d like to see in the future.

hey boldface, you’re our type.

Meeting in New York at an advertising agency, designer Michele Mikeska and writer Lindsay Bruno decided to ditch the corporate job and go after the dream of a creating cards with a slightly, and sometimes very, skewed sense of humor they hoped others would enjoy as much as them.

These gals aren’t new to the shop, but some cards from them are fresh in. After falling in love with their words and design again and again, we decided to throw a few questions at them and are so excited to share what they threw back.

WS: we love your cards, your text and your ability to put MLK on a card and not (really) offend anyone. are there any other historical figures that might make the cut? mother theresa, ghandi, russel simmons, lindsay lohan?

BoldFace Type (BFT): Thanks for all those idea starters. You’re forgetting Jesus. We have a card called “Hot Jesus” and another one called “Judas,” so needless to say our moms are pretty proud. I think next year you should look out for “Sexy Shirley Temple.”

WS: tell us the truth, how do you come up with your text? belly up over cocktails?

BFT: We’ve come up with a lot of good ideas over drinks. And even more bad ones. Sometimes card concepts are just things we have said to each other that made us laugh. But, I’ll admit, sometimes you have to sit down with a pen and paper and go, “What word rhymes with birthday.” Nothing, nothing rhymes with, “birthday.” This is a tough business.

WS:  what was your last life before greeting card gurus?

BFT: We met at an ad agency in New York while working on a large, credit card account. They kept rejecting out “Hot Jesus” jokes so we decided we needed to find a new audience.

Thank-you to Boldface Type for taking a bit of time to answer our questions. Pick up their sweet, funny goods at the shop and give them a visit on their site.


new friends from sycamore street press.

we love our friends at the sycamore street press. their cards have adorned the shop for some time now, but this round, we decided to hit them up for a quick interview and share them with you this week. along with the interview, here’s a peek at the new goodies we have in the store from them.

Wordshop (WS): what are your favorite words or images to press?

Sycamore Street Press (SSP): textured patterns, fine line drawings and big bold type are all fun to press.

WS: is there a fantasy letter press experience?

SSP: Having a machine that works without any problems :)

WS: what do you dream of letterpressing? a pillowcase? a tree? an arm??

SSP: we’re actually pretty happy with paper!

WS: are you more digital or analogue at heart?

SSP: kirk is more digital, eva is more analogue.

Thanks for chattin’ with us guys! Check out new goodies from this sweet pair at our shop this weekend!