a lot of thanks.

it’s almost here. that day of thanks we love so much because it means gathering around with the ones we love in a cozy spot to share delicious dishes and exchange food for thought. but if your family or loved ones are not here but instead there, we have beautiful cards for you to give them an extra special thanks.

1. a humorous bit for the holiday reading ‘don’t let the pie’ – (inside) ‘go to the thigh. happy thanksgiving!’ 2. give thanks turkey card 3. hand-illustrated and sustainably printed on a wooden sheet with plenty of writing space on the back side.

4. a pack of 10 notes from paper+cup featuring a lot of writing space for you to give out reasons why you love to all your precious people. 5. mr. boddington’s knows how to charm with a morose slant. this folded greeting also comes with a bright autumnal orange envelope. 6. rifle paper co. people. need we say more?

and to you, all of our loyal customers. we love you. always. xoxo.

new in this week: julie ann art

This swell lady’s cards arrived at our shop this past week. With wit and hand-drawn doodles, these cards hit home and give a few chuckles. Pop the big questions or give a little nudge to those you love.


Till next time, xo — the wordshop girls.

sapling press and wordshop go together like…

We just got a bundle of new goodies in from Sapling Press and they make for the perfect i love you, just because, you’re my best friend, thank you, you’re a nice mom/dad, we make a good team card.

In celebration of these new beauties, we interviewed Lisa, the mastermind behind these beauties at Sapling Press.

W: if you could letterpress anything what would it be, beside paper? an arm, a tree, a wall?

SP: probably my computer and i’d have it say “walk away from me and go print.”

W: what do you miss most about  the lo-fi days? rotary phones? typewriters? payphone? dropping off your film to walgreens?

SP: 2. boomboxes and the art of making the perfect mix tape

W: who’s your favorite stationery store, nah, we are just kidding you don’t have to answer that one, we already know the answer!

SP: no doubt!

Thanks again to Lisa at Sapling Press for her time in dong this small and sweet interview. Come by the shop to see more of her humorous-too-hot-to-handle notes.

jill & david

It takes a special and completely intertwined couple to do something Jill and David were so bravely willing to do. Let your true couple selves thrive and show in your save the dates. Trophies and pizza?? Can someone please let us in on this one?

We asked the newlyweds what the picture was all about and here’s what they had to say, “The save-the-date was made up of all the things we love: pizza, trophies and dressing up for strange photos.” Guess we can’t argue with that.

Congratulations to Jill and David. We loved working with this fun and lively pair to help them print their save the dates and put together the invitations to their special and beautiful day. All photographs of their wedding are provided by the incredible Rebecca Shehorn. See more of her work on her site.

bitter & sweet.

we love funny, slightly offensive and sometimes downright raunchy greeting cards. but not everyone is up to the option of handing over something of that demeanor or does not have that other person who will quite understand what is happening. this is why we love a sweet little card company known as McBitterson’s cards oh so much. each card is packed with fun and witty punch but is also has a sweet side nestled in somewhere to sooth over any confusion.

with many of their cards arriving to the shop this week, we popped some questions over to McBitterson’s founder, Jenny Piette, to see what she might have to say about her work, whether we’ll see more crackers in the upcoming year and where she pulls her inspiration from.

WS: How did you get your tagline “Cute, Sometimes Cranky Letterpress Cards”? Are you cute and sometimes cranky? or do you have a cat/dog that is cute and cranky?

McBitterson’s (MB): Yeah, I guess I’m kind of cute, but cranky. I think a lot of the cards are an extension of my personality, and some of the sayings have come from my everyday life. I find myself giving more backhanded compliments than I mean to. Whoops! So I’ve decided to just run with that. My favorite cards are the ones that hint at something negative, but aim earnestly toward something positive. And if it can make someone smile and brighten their day a bit, that makes me feel good.

WS: One of our favorite cards is your simple but funny “cracker” card. Will we be seeing an expansion of this? Maybe cracker jack? crack is wack? crack ass?

MB: We are going to do a Merry Christmas Cracker card coming up this fall and maybe some more cracker-themed cards in the future.

WS: What inspires your style?

MB: Some of our cards can get a bit naughty, so a simple design that feels kind of matter of fact and dry, almost like a diagram, adds to the silliness of what the cards are saying. For the artwork, I’ve started looking at 50’s and 60’s line drawings, like Ben Shahn and Warhol’s commercial illustrations, which tend to be in black ink with splashes of color. They used a lot of patterns that feel visually flat and lend themselves to working with patterns in Illustrator.

Thanks for chatting with us Jenny! Take a look at what else this brilliant card maker has to offer in our shop or visit McBitterson’s site and let us know what you’d like to see in the future.