not your mom’s card shop.

we believe in saying it straight. let them know how you feel or give your friend a smile, all with no filter. teaming up with lily willow studio, we created an unfiltered card set for the brave and daring, for the young and bold, for the witty and sarcastic (or maybe not). this one’s for you folks.

**this post is not for little eyes.

in our new line exclusive only to our shop we feature new favorites like douche canoe, ass hat and prick. come by the shop and let us know what favorite swears you have and we just might print them. cards are priced at $4 a piece or in packs of 8 for $14.85

hey boldface, you’re our type.

Meeting in New York at an advertising agency, designer Michele Mikeska and writer Lindsay Bruno decided to ditch the corporate job and go after the dream of a creating cards with a slightly, and sometimes very, skewed sense of humor they hoped others would enjoy as much as them.

These gals aren’t new to the shop, but some cards from them are fresh in. After falling in love with their words and design again and again, we decided to throw a few questions at them and are so excited to share what they threw back.

WS: we love your cards, your text and your ability to put MLK on a card and not (really) offend anyone. are there any other historical figures that might make the cut? mother theresa, ghandi, russel simmons, lindsay lohan?

BoldFace Type (BFT): Thanks for all those idea starters. You’re forgetting Jesus. We have a card called “Hot Jesus” and another one called “Judas,” so needless to say our moms are pretty proud. I think next year you should look out for “Sexy Shirley Temple.”

WS: tell us the truth, how do you come up with your text? belly up over cocktails?

BFT: We’ve come up with a lot of good ideas over drinks. And even more bad ones. Sometimes card concepts are just things we have said to each other that made us laugh. But, I’ll admit, sometimes you have to sit down with a pen and paper and go, “What word rhymes with birthday.” Nothing, nothing rhymes with, “birthday.” This is a tough business.

WS:  what was your last life before greeting card gurus?

BFT: We met at an ad agency in New York while working on a large, credit card account. They kept rejecting out “Hot Jesus” jokes so we decided we needed to find a new audience.

Thank-you to Boldface Type for taking a bit of time to answer our questions. Pick up their sweet, funny goods at the shop and give them a visit on their site.