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Spring Denver Wedding Ideas

We have spring fever here at wordshop and what better way to add fuel to our fire by sharing a gorgeous wedding with ya. This downtown Denver wedding will make all your dreams come true with it’s sweet floral arrangements, gorgeous petal inspired wedding dress, classic urban feel and of course two people who madly love each other. You can practically feel the joy radiating from these photos. Working with them was a dream. We love how playful their rehearsal dinner invitations were with casual fonts and a great modern skyline. Since their wedding leaned more traditional, we kept a more classic feel for the main invitation. These beauties were thermography printed in grey ink on super thick ivory embossed square paper. Perfection. Thank you Jen & Chris for letting us be a part of your special day.

Denver Skyline Wedding Invitations

Blush wedding dress and shoes from Emma & Grace

Brown Palace Spring Wedding | Denver CO

Brown Palace Wedding Party | Denver CO

Classic groom attire for a Denver Brown Palace wedding

Classic Denver Brown Palace Hotel wedding

Classic downtown Denver wedding

Denver Holy Ghost Catholic Church Wedding

Holy Ghost Catholic Church | Denver CO

Blush Denver wedding ideas

Denver wedding vintage car

Denver Union Station wedding ideas

Denver Brown Palace Hotel Wedding | Denver CO

Classic thermography ivory wedding paper invitations

classic and sophisticated embossed wedding invitations

Denver wedding flowers | via The Brown Palace Hotel

Brown Palace wedding reception ideas

Brown Palace Hotel | Denver CO Wedding

Chapel: Holy Ghost Catholic Church
Reception: The Brown Palace
Photographer: Van Buren Photography
Flowers & Cake: The Brown Palace
Dress & Veil: Emma & Grace


our current wedding invitation faves

Wedding invitations are so much more important than simply telling people where to be and when. They imply the mood, theme, and general tone of the wedding. They can say “you better wear a black tie or you will look like a fool” or “we plan to party all night long (so girl, bring a back up pair of shoes)” without even uttering a word. The first two questions we always ask our brides are “Where and when is the wedding?” and “What is the overall feel and/or message you want your invitations to convey?” You’d be amazed by the combination of answers, which is why no two invitations are alike. Yes, they may have some similar characteristics like wording or color scheme, but each wedding invitation is still uniquely you.

We’ve rounded up some of our current favorite wedding invitations and are excited to share. Maybe one will feel like your dream wedding invitation has materialized before your very eyes, or you’ll be inspired by a sample of wording.

Rustic Modern gold foil and burgundy wedding invitations

Gold foil is so hot right now and we’re loving it! We like that it can be dressed up or dressed down. This invitation is a perfect combination of whimsy and modern. The gold foil makes it playful, eye catching and adds dimension to the monochromatic look.

Dark grey wedding invitation with printed gold foil lettering | via Wordshop, Denver CO

Now take this dark grey and gold foil wedding invitation. It’s much more traditional than the first even though they share similar elements – floral/earthy motif, modern script, gold foil printing etc. If you were to receive this invitation in the mail, you had better get your best cocktail dress out from the back of your closet because the use of gold foil in this invitation makes it much more glitzy.

Square kraft invitation with white letterpress ink | via Wordshop, Denver CO

Ah, the kraft paper wedding invitation. We love you and never tire of your existence. This square kraft paper wedding invitation with white letterpress ink is both modern (thank you square format) and earthy (thank you flowers and brown natural paper). We love pairing these “brown paper bag” wedding invitations (as some people like to call them) with classy outdoor wedding venues.

Kraft with coral and lace belly band wedding invitation | via Wordshop, Denver CO

Not ready to commit 100% to kraft paper? Or maybe you want to incorporate other colors that don’t print well on the darker paper? Backer cards and envelopes are the way to go. We love backer cards because it places more emphasis on the main invitation and thickens the paper. Likewise kraft envelopes draw attention and stand out in the mail pile full of bills. There is no way your guests will miss this.

Coral ddge painted letterpress wedding invitations | via Wordshop, Denver CO

Edge painting on a letterpress wedding invitation is like hot fudge on a ice cream sundae. Ice cream is already good, and we  L O V E  ice cream, but hot fudge takes the yumminess to the next level. Its an extra surprise that makes everything better. Ugh, now we want ice cream.

Wood Wedding Invitations Screen Printed

Want to have your invitations really stand out? Printing on wood is one of our favorites. The wood veneer wedding invitation prints best when letterpress or screen printed.

Wood printed rustic mountain weding invitations | via Wordshop, Denver CO

Love the look of wood printing but need to stay budget conscious? Printing a faux wood finish on paper is a great way to achieve a similar look while staying with a more affordable printing method. These rustic wood mountain wedding invitations are ideal for the western wedding. Unless otherwise mentioned, feel free to wear those cute little cowgirl boots you’ve got stashed.

We hope this helped spark some wedding invitation ideas. We have so many design and budget options that there is something for everyone.