new in this week: moglea watercolors

We are so pleased to announce these new arrivals to our shop this week. Thick cut, hand lettered and letterpressed beauties from Moglea press based in Iowa. Give the one you love a substantial card to last forever and a day more. We are in love. Take a look at each one below –

sapling press and wordshop go together like…

We just got a bundle of new goodies in from Sapling Press and they make for the perfect i love you, just because, you’re my best friend, thank you, you’re a nice mom/dad, we make a good team card.

In celebration of these new beauties, we interviewed Lisa, the mastermind behind these beauties at Sapling Press.

W: if you could letterpress anything what would it be, beside paper? an arm, a tree, a wall?

SP: probably my computer and i’d have it say “walk away from me and go print.”

W: what do you miss most about  the lo-fi days? rotary phones? typewriters? payphone? dropping off your film to walgreens?

SP: 2. boomboxes and the art of making the perfect mix tape

W: who’s your favorite stationery store, nah, we are just kidding you don’t have to answer that one, we already know the answer!

SP: no doubt!

Thanks again to Lisa at Sapling Press for her time in dong this small and sweet interview. Come by the shop to see more of her humorous-too-hot-to-handle notes.

new in this week – greenwich letterpress

Back again for another round of greatly signification connections, speaking to the small and intimate parts of our pop-culture hearts, Greenwich Letterpress is in our shop with brilliant greetings. Here is a peek at our favorites but many more are proudly sitting on our shelves.