simple tips for making your gifts look stunning

we love giving presents just as much as the next gal, so we know how difficult it can be to make sure the appearance is as perfect as the actual gift. we’ve learned some simple tips to take your gift wrapping to the next level, and we’re sharing them with you today.
simplicity is key when wrapping an elegant gift. that’s why we love this cream-colored giftsland wrap with hand-painted gold hatch marks paired with a chunky red and cream striped bow. The chunky ribbon makes a statement while allowing the wrap to stand out as well.


stick with a theme you know the recipient will love. for this present we chose a rustic and playful gift wrap (we loved this one from smock!) and used these beautiful arrow and wooden feather cody foster ornaments to embellish it – one of our favorite ways to spruce up a present, and the recipient gets a couple extra presents to keep! finish it with some twine and a wooden gift tag and it’s ready to go!


for more depth to the gift, use two or more different wraps that complement each other and wrap pieces separately. mixing prints can be tricky so we stick with two simple rules: make sure the prints have a similar color scheme and have different scales of prints. here we used a bold reindeer rifle wrap and paired it with a simpler snow & graham berry print. the reds and creams look great together and the green ribbon (literally) ties the whole package together.


don’t have holiday specific wraps? we love using holiday-related colors for the wrap and ribbon and topping the gift with a holiday-specific card. the gift still looks festive, but you get to use up leftover spring and summer wraps – win! here we used two blue wraps from smock and snow & graham and a card from farewell paperie.


after wrapping so many presents, we know you have a TON of beautiful scraps that go to waste. well waste no longer! one of our favorite holiday wrapping tricks is to use a neutral, plain gift wrap for the base, wrap a strip of scrap paper from top to bottom (we used this bright wastenot poinsettia print), and add one of your favorite holiday quotes in calligraphy. it’s simple, beautiful, and waste-less.


now let we’ve let you know all of our secrets to wrapping gifts, we wanna see what you can do! tag @wordshopdenver on your instagram posts with #wordshopwraps so we can see how talented all of you are!