Save the Dates: Postcards vs. Envelopes

The Save the Date has a couple purposes:
1) To maximize attendance at your wedding.
2) Nail down the venue and start coordinating your other vendors.
3) To give you the a-ha! moment that you’re about to really tie the knot.

They come in two common forms: The Postcard and the Panel Card with the Envelope. There are pros and cons to both versions, and we’ve gathered the most common deal breakers and the deal makers.

First, with a postcard, this can happen:

Postcards are susceptible to everything the US Postal Service throws at it. They can get stepped on, smudged, ripped in half, and, sometimes, there’s a barcode that can cover up writing or a design element. Your guests could miss out on having a picture of you they could frame.

However, the most obvious difference is the price and environmental impact. If you’re looking to save both money and paper, the postcard is your best bet. You can get 100 double-sided postcards for less than a dollar a piece — completely custom done with your pictures, colors, and writing.

We, the wordshop. girls, consider ourselves advocates, not sales girls. The postcard also costs $.29 to send, as opposed to $.44.

Take a look at your options and what’s important to you. Maybe it’s the environment, privacy, or your budget. Tell us what you’re dreaming and we’ll find a way to make your guests excited to mark your day in ink.