new friends from sycamore street press.

we love our friends at the sycamore street press. their cards have adorned the shop for some time now, but this round, we decided to hit them up for a quick interview and share them with you this week. along with the interview, here’s a peek at the new goodies we have in the store from them.

Wordshop (WS): what are your favorite words or images to press?

Sycamore Street Press (SSP): textured patterns, fine line drawings and big bold type are all fun to press.

WS: is there a fantasy letter press experience?

SSP: Having a machine that works without any problems :)

WS: what do you dream of letterpressing? a pillowcase? a tree? an arm??

SSP: we’re actually pretty happy with paper!

WS: are you more digital or analogue at heart?

SSP: kirk is more digital, eva is more analogue.

Thanks for chattin’ with us guys! Check out new goodies from this sweet pair at our shop this weekend!