happy bike week.

Today in Denver, it’s ride your bike to work day and in honor of that we pulled our bike-related and bike-inspired merchandise to highlight in this week’s blog. Did you ride your bike today? Do you have a bike? Do you even like bikes? No matter what the answer is, we are pretty sure you’re going to love what we have in the shop for you.

Need to brush up on your bike etiquette? We’ve got just the books for you. The Enlightened Cyclist and Bike Snob our two of our favorite biking books, now in the store, showing bicyclists of any kind the right and wrong ways of the road. The reason we love these books so much – even if you’re not big on ready, the illustrations lead to exactly what you need to know and are completely hilarious to keep you turning the pages.

In the shop, we are so happy to present a new line of cards from Colorado based printshop Cut&Press. They provide letter-pressed notecards with a beautiful vintage tinge to them bringing back that beautiful nostalgia for hand-rendered notes we just love so much. Another collection we just received from them are these beautiful note packs! Each pack includes two of each style shown below, a thank-you, just a note and hello cards.

Lastly, check. out. this. journal. It has all of us in the shop in a tizzy. The first half is filled with beautiful cream colored blank pages, in the middle as a divider is a small check-list and an envelope for little note scraps, small findings or those morsels of lunch you just couldn’t finish, THEN the back half is a whole stack of lined paper. Every journal you could have ever of hoped for.

That wraps up this week’s selection of new merchandise we currently have in the store. Did you know we have a facebook? Yeap, that’s right. If you haven’t yet, you should go “like” us because that is where we keep a more thorough update of what exactly we have in the store, along with other musings. Until next week!