gifts for the baby mama

looking for a unique gift for someone with a bun in the oven? got a bun yourself? check out these two favorites of wordshop before they fly:
nikki mcclure is a super talented artist from the northwest. all of her images are cut out of paper with an exacto knife! the first 1000 days is a very beautiful and thoughtful baby book. different from other baby books in that it is more of a journal, nikki provides clever and helpful prompts to gently encourage your own words!

these 12 months of baby cards by blonde designs are one of those great ideas you wish you thought up yourself. for each month of baby’s first year there is a corresponding card so you can lay it on baby or hand it to baby snap a pic and document what he or she looked like during that amazing year. perfect for frequent facebook or flickr posters and easier then a photography studio.

we also have hilarious cards for new moms in addition to sentimental and sweet ones. please indulge us as we share two snarky baby cards that make us bust a gut: