“Do It Yourself” Doesn’t Mean “Make it Difficult for Yourself.”

There’s a wedding revolution happening in the world of “do it yourself.” Maybe you’re the artsy-craftsy type who takes a personal joy in the artistry that goes into a big event, or you’re trying to cut corners to stay within a budget. Either way, you’re a DIY bride and we have love for you.

Our talented bride gave us a pen and ink drawing for her invitation suite.

Wordshop regularly has brides walk through our doors looking for a certain kind of paper at a certain price so they can create their own invitations at a certain copy store who usually prints office memos and ships overseas packages. Of course, this tends to be significantly more labor intensive with a lot more hidden costs. Design work isn’t included, and they’ll jack up cutting fees since businesses usually don’t care about those things.

You don't have to lose your personality by going to a professional.

However, if you go to your friendly, neighborhood paperie, the cost of design, printing, sizing, and proofing is told up front. All stationery sizes are standard, so there aren’t cutting fees if you stay within those sizes. Even then, those fees will run between 5 and 15 depending on what you want. Also, you’re spending your well-earned wedding dollars at a local business that will appreciate your contribution to keeping their doors open.



We can work with any design.

Really. ANY custom artwork.

You may be thinking to yourself, but wordshop, my friend is a designer and I don’t mind cutting 125 invitations. Fair enough. Most stationers can use custom images that your friends design, and their standard cardstock is an upgrade for copy businesses.

We can use your photo, your typeface.

And add a touch of traditional design.

You an also add more subtle personal touches and professional design elements to help it all come together.

Here, we turned a hand drawing by the bride into a graphic image of the flat irons.

The groom had exceptional handwriting.

Exceptional enough for a wedding invitation.