chittin the chat : rifle paper co.

hand illustrated flower alphabet garland
we love the products we carry in the store and more times than not, we love the people who make them even more. this week, we chitted the chat with the people behind Rifle Paper Co., the beloved hand illustrated stationery brand. here’s what they had to say about themselves and their culture.

1. where did the name rifle come from?
Rifle Paper Co. just kind of came to be. There isn’t a deep meaning or long story behind it all. We like to think of the dog’s name, who is part of our logo, as being Rifle!

2. have you always been style trailblazers? trend forecasters? or complete non-conformists?
Haha, maybe all of the above?

hand illustrated printed iphone cases rifle paper company pink ombre foil stamp script typography jaguar print gold stripes

3. are you flattered or twitchy that there are more and more, shall we say “lines that are inspired by your folk-flora aesthetic’?

We try not to pay too much attention to that. We just focus on what we are designing and making sure we are being the best we can be. :)

4. what was your last life, pre-rifle?
Before Rifle Anna worked at a magazine company, and spent some of her free time designing music posters for the band Nathan was in.

hand illustrated crafted paper greetings blue card the world is your oyster wedding card happily ever after watercolor flowers journal black pages hand illustrated floral notepad to do list

6. what is your favorite dessert?
That’s a hard one! We’ve got a lot of great little bakeries in our area that we frequent often. Our favorite may be a macaroon place just up the street. When someone brings in a box of those, they don’t last long!

7. favorite song from the 80’s?

Somehow we end up listening to Toto a lot at work, so we’ll say our favorite 80’s song of theirs is “Africa”.come by the shop to see all new pretties from rifle and the new phone cases that will be arriving to our shop in march. thank you rifle for hanging with us!