chittin’ the chat : oh my word.


WS:  first concert?

OMW: judas priest, scorpions and heart. it was a little hardcore for an 11 year old, but my older sisters had to bring me if they wanted to go.


birthday anniversary graduation i love you just because stationery by oh my word in denver

funny birthday cards stationery denver

WS: if any of your cards could play a song when it opened which would it be?
OMW: “dull gold heart” by band of skulls. or anything LCD soundsystem

inappropriate dreams birthday card

WS: favorite go-to font?

OMW: avant garde. i like how it looks with its sharp angles, and how it sounds.

funny birthday card i love you so much i would wear a tacky bridesmaids dress for you

WS: dessert after 10 o’clock, yay or nay?

OMW: dessert after 10 pm and 10 am!

  funny birthday card stationery humorous from oh my word

oh my word funny birthday card words of advice car, yes hooker, no

Thanks to that fine mama over at Oh My Word for chattin’ with us. Check out more of her funny and crass greetings here that make it hurt where is counts.